Canoe skid plates?

Got a plastic hulled canoe (Upper canada 16 - polypropelyne(sp?)) and in 3 trips already have heavy wear marks on the bow & stern. What can I put on that will stop the wear? At the rate I am going I will be out of a bottom in a year!

Thanks gang.

kevlar skip plates
You can order the complete kit, but I recommend you wait until it is really scratched up bad. that will help them stick to the plastic hull better.

flame treating
Plastic boats need to be flame treated before installing kevlar skidplates.

Check out:

click “plastic boat repairs”.

OK, I read it, but despite his initial
success, I expect that skeg to pop loose. As a long time West epoxy user, I would have been more impressed if West had run some formal tests.

Thank God for Duct Tape
Thank you folks. I like the duct tape method as a temporary measure. (Shades of the Red Green Show on TV)

Then I will use the mehod above to do major repairs when they are needed.

Until then (probably next year) - good old duct tape.


Pipe Wrap
Look for pipe wrap, preferably 20 mil. It is like electrical tape on steroids. Mine is labeled Pasco, but I’ve seen others also. Commonly used by wildwater racers as a wear patch on boats. Sticks well, will take some serious scrapes, and will stretch some to stick tightly to boats.

It was hard to find in the Southeast - apparently plumbers around here don’t use it much. I literally called a number of plumbing supply houses in Atlanta and when I found it bought a bunch.