Canoe squeaking.........

My husband wants to know HOW to keep our canoe from squeaking so bad…

We couldn’t sneak up on wildlife if we tried.

And we do…

You can’t move an inch in that thing without the

squeaking allover.

Can he take it apart someone how, lube something,

change something.

We’ve had our Bell Morningstar canoe now about 1 1/2 years now and it has always squeaked a little; but seems to be getting worse.


it’s usually
the seats…try tightening the bolts

Thank you everyone,

I will get him to try that this weekend before we leave on our trip to Fisheating creek next week.

My hubby is a kinda biggie guy…so maybe some of your tricks will help; other than that I just gotta get him to lay off the Micky D’s…

Thanks again,


Critical question
Wood or aluminum gunwales?

If wood, make sure that the inwale-to-outwale screws are tight.

Other than that, I like the idea of the seat hanger bolts being loose (wood OR aluminum gunwales).