canoe stabilizers

Any recommendations for a good set of canoe stabilizers for an 18’ aluminum Grumman affectionately named “Silver Tank”. I’ve visited several good websites but would like to hear suggestions from your experience. Even better has anyone ever made your own?

can’t say enough
about Spring Creek stabilizers, they are easy to install, and make it almost impossible to tip the canoe. I use them almost every time I paddle. I solo paddle most of the time on some good size lakes. I’m 61 years of age, in pretty good shape but I know that if I were to capsize or fall out of the canoe, I’d have a difficult time getting back in. The stabilizers enable me to enjoy my paddles and fishing .

Check them out at they’re worth every penny spent.

I’ve gotta go …
with bugmannj’s suggestion.

I’ve had the Spring Creek outriggers on my canoe for the past four years, and they have worked very well.

Go to the Spring Creek site (they ship direct) to save on third-party charges.

I agree
I use the stabilizers from spring creek and love them. I just returned from fishing in the bay with big boats putting out big wakes and had no problems.

Spring Creek

Appreciate your feedback on stabilizers. I visited Canoegear website and the Spring Creek products look first rate!

You can creat a pair from water noodles (pool toys) and PVC tubing.