Canoe Stabilizers

I’ve been looking to add these to my fishing canoe to improve stability while standing, the problem is they seem to be quite expensive, has anyone successfully crafted their own? Advice would be appreciated.

This might help

Lots of people have
However, if you are looking to them as safety equipment, consider whether you want an untrained amateur (you) building things you are going to rely upon to keep you alive. And think about whether it might be better to pay the couple hundred bucks to get something that’s tried and true.

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Easy to make
I’ve made canoe pontoons before. I used styrofoam floats (I think they were lobster trap floats. they were shaped like a bullet and had a hole through them). I I strung them on pvc pipe which then attached to an aluminum pipe that could be attached and detached to the gunnals. I made mine so that they did not touch water unless you tipped the boat. That way they did not add resistance or drag.


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Hi Brandymanhattan , I take it that you're from NY. Correct me if I'm wrong. The reason I'm responding and maybe it's not to late. I have a set of Spring Creek stabilizers. I bought these for when I'd take my britney spaniel canoeing. She really liked to not sit still in my 14 foot Mohawk Solo. These stabilizers are in 100% brand new condition. Can't help it I'm a fanatic about taking care of my stuff .I'll take $100 for them. Go to Spring Creek com.It's the one's that sell for $199 -$210. My UR (universal reciever) is 30" long.I also have the (Flipper) motor mount they sell for $69. I'll sell it for $40:I live close to Charlotte N.C. Ph. 704 5334199 leave message if no answer.