Canoe Stablizers

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I'd like to get a pair. Mainly for when I go solo and I stop and move around to take pictures and stuff like that. I'd like a pair that wont drag in the water until I want to use them. I remember someone posting a link to a nice set but I cant seem to fin them. I dont want foam I'd like a pair that will last for years. Thanks for your help.

Best ones I’ve used.
they have lasted for years of sailing and motoring.

Happy Paddl’n!



Seems like it would be really easy to make with PVC and some wood or metal cross bars.

I concur on the Spring Creek ones…
…which I’m using again, this time as I experiment with rowing. They are foam, height is adjustable.

Check out these …

My experience with them are that they are well made,

go through the water well when moving and not too expensive. I think they are a cut above the Spring Creek offerings at that price level.