Canoe storage in the city


Any great ideas out there for safe urban canoe storage?

Right now I keep it on the shady side of our house on sawhorses. However, we’re moving into the city and we have our eye on an older downtown home. Indoor storage will not be an option.

The house has no garage and it’s adjacent to a walking trail. Outdoor storage in the winter wouldn’t be a problem - it’s Royalex w/ aluminum gunwales. I only fear theft and/or vandalism. Any brilliant suggestions, aside from renting a storage locker or building a 20 long shed?

Jeff J

If you have space and are handy
You could build an attached lean-to type shelter against one side of your house. It could have a rack to hold the canoe and could be open at the ends but have a “roof” over it to protect the royalex from harmful sun rays and projectiles. Then a simple cable lock - like a bike lock around a twart and to the frame supporting the canoecould provide security.

What city?
There may be a canoe club that has storage, and other benefits. Also a marina might have inside or covered storage.


Friends or Relatives
Got any who have the space that you’d trust? Sure would beat hanging it from the living room ceiling (oh look honey - ain’t that a cute potted plant), keeping it strapped to your vehicle all the time, or paying rent on a storage unit.

Good luck,


Two Story?
hoist the canoe off the ground like in a garage…put it out of reach…

Under porch or under house?..(2X4 frame with pipe rollers to roll it in and out…)

build a box alongside the house, match the exterior…maybe even landscape a small flower bed around it…then padlock the box on the side away from the trail…

consider storage away from the house…many storage places have covered storage for RV’s…a conversation with them about installing a rack for canoe’s or kayaks might be in order…I’ve had good success where I live pointing out the need for places to store long boats to the local storage companies…