canoe storage Palo Alto CA

Moving to Palo Alto CA (San Francisco Bay). Are there any clubs / outfitters / other in the area that will store a 15 ft canoe for a reasonable price? Self storage units very expensive. (I know about CCK who will store kayaks in Half Moon Bay).

RE: canoe storage Palo Alto CA
I’m across the bay from you, and don’t have any hard leads. My best suggestion is to use the services offered part of craigslist:

I’m consistently impressed with how effective this marketplace is. You may find someone willing to store your boat on the water in the Foster City/Redwood shores area if you let them use your canoe occassionally.

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canoe on the left coast
The folks in Cal will be confused and thrilled. Most of them have never seen a canoe, only kayaks.



nothing close
There are some place that store boats around the bay area, but I don’t know of any around Palo Alto. Expect to pay $25 to $50.

Oakland Estuary has a spot (they advertise on Craigslist, I think).

The Marina up in Brisbane/South City has boat storage.

Some of the storage areas near the water have boat sized spots. The one in the Presidio (SF, across from Sports Basement) has spots made for boats at about $50 a month.

Maybe ask at boat stores.

ps - I agree with the prior posts. Kayaks are much more common than canoes in the Bay Area.