canoe storage rack for the backyard

I am looking for a canoe storage rack for three canoes. I am looking for self supporting or wall mount one. Mounting to exteral residential brick wall.

Any suggestions for homemade or commercial storage racks? My saw horses are worn out and looking for a better way.


Try some
of these:

Howabout Large A-Frames
One in front one in back Two boats on bottom support and one on top support.

I use homemade sawhorses…
…for a 14.5’ canoe (on top) and 9’ kayak on the bottom where the legs are closer together. If I had room to build it wider, more craft could be mounted beside these, or I suppose a really tall one could have three “decks”. Cheap and easy. Just as important I think, is cover from the elements. It doesn’t get cold or snowy here, but mine’s under a carport anyway, and I put 303 protectant on them for good measure.