canoe storage rack -- support placement?

I put together a wall mounted storage rack in my garage (2x4 construction, wall mounted triangle frames with a 3 degree slope to prevent creep)

I’m storing an 18.5’ Wenonah Odyssey (kevlar layup, 52 lbs)

The rack supports are set up about 112" apart with the canoe centered on them and resting upside down on the aluminum gunwales — I wanted the space between the supports to be > 96" apart in order to accomodate other garage storage items (96" lumber, for example)

So, my question:

Do I need to be concerned with this amount of span for long term storage?

I don’t want to risk deformation of the boat… it’s probably a non issue, but I figured I should ask to make sure.

Based on your description

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I have similar racks I built for 8 canoes in my garage.
I made sure the tops of the racks that came into contact with the gunwales were both at same height, and were level.

Some of the canoes I originally built the racks for are still stored out there(over 10 years).I have had no issues whatsoever.

Some of the canoes are Royalex with wood trim, Royalex with vinyl trim, fiberglas and kevlar with wood trim, and one is a 50 year old, wood canvas tandem. No issues with different layups.
I do put some kind of padding on top of the racks that hold canoes with wood trim.

Price was right. All I paid for was deck screws to build the racks, and attach the racks to the wall.All the lumber came from construction site scrap piles. It was free, and taken with permission. Those guys throw away a whole "lot" of good lumber.