Canoe storage rack

Anyone have plans, photos, examples or know of a manufacturer of a self standing canoe storage rack (single sided, not the T-bar type) to store two canoes and a kayak on? The rental house I am moving in to this week has concrete block walls in the garage and I dont want to have to drill the owners concrete walls for anchors. It’s new construction so I’m hesitant to tap those walls just yet.

DIY plus Talic
Talic makes free-standing racks, but they ain’t cheap. Nice quality though. I too rent a garage, and can’t attach anything to the brick wall. Wouldn’t want to either, as it is so funky.

So I built a 2x3 stud wall in front of the brick, and hang Talic kayak condos (singles) off it - much less expensive. The top of the stud wall is anchored to exposed wood joists with a couple of short 2x3 and a few screws. The bottom just sits on the slab.

Here’s some photos - I added a hanging cradle for the SOF so it hangs from the ceiling, but after the photos were taken.

That’s the kinda thing I was looking for
Thanks for the input and photos! I never thought about going to the rafters (my ceiling height, like yours, is much taller than normal) for anchor points. With some minor mods for the beam of my canoes, this is very doable.


Well–you want simple.
I have 2 8’ sawhorses. It easily holds 2 canoes…

I did the same with saw horses.
I put one canoe on the top and another below on a 2x4 nailed across that keeps it off the ground. An cheap solution that works great.

Yeah but
where do you park your Mini Cooper?

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