canoe storage

Hi. We have 2 options for storing our Minn II (alum trim) and Malecite (wood trim). One option is in the garage but stored on their sides, due to space limitations they cannot be hung or put on horses… The other is outdoors on a saw horse with a large plastic tarp covering the boats from tree sap, sun, bird droppings, etc. The plastic will be draped on top of the canoes. Both are made of fiberglass. Any past experience or other ideas would be appreciated.


Yes… before you store the Malecite
outside…sell it to me, what color is it and how much do you want for it? Seriously though try everything you can before you store those boats ( both very nice canoes) outside. Do you have room to hang them above the cars in your garage. Email me for photos.

No overhead garage space…
the garage ceiling is 79" and I can even get my pickup in there! The Malecite may well be going up for sale in a month or so since the kids use a kayak and us old folks use the Minn 2.

Tall sawhorses work for me…
…under the carport, since I lack a usable garage.

I built the horses about 4.5’ high, and there are

bars underneath so I can store my wife’s shorter kayak there. It’s even better protected, having the

canoe over it. On the N side of the house, so sun isn’t an issue, and winters are mild here. Only temporary problem is rhodendron petals falling from the neighbors yard on top of the canoe-kind of pretty, actually.

not on the side
it may cause deformation especially with a snow load.

Upside down on a rack covered outside has a few drawbacks too.

Every critter looking for a house will check it out. You may very well find mouse evdience (I even had three bird nests), which is bad if they chew on things(ate $150 of floatbags). If outside, wrap the boat all the way around and duct tape openings closed.

And dont forget to periodically shed the snow and ice.

Anchor any rack to the ground. A friend had a whole rack sail 100 feet in a windstorm and damanged three boats.