Canoe Suggestions

Looking for a used tandem canoe that is an efficient go straight boat for inland lakes, day trips, possibly short tripping. Lets hear your suggestions.


Wenonah Spirit II.

a used wenonah spirit II :wink: NM

what’s available? NM

There are a couple of them listed here
in the classified ad section.

It is hard to find a real good used canoe for sale at a decent price.

Most times they will be sold to a friend of the seller and never even advertised.

If you can find a Penobscot 17, that would be a good choice.

My first choice would be a Jensen 18, but I don’t think you will find a used one.



Also consider Escape

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I was looking for Spirit II but ended up with last year's Escape at a discount. Read the reviews.
You did mention "efficient" and "go straight".

Old Town

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"Old Town Penobscot 174 - Green - Retail: $879 - Overstock Clearance: $646 - Year End Clearance Price: $599! - This 174 is NOT a royalex boat, the sizes ending in 4 are polylink3 boats! The Penobscot models ending in even numbers are royalex. Polylink3 is tough!" ...and heavy.

"Old Town Camper 16 - New, ORC Old Town Camper 16 Canoe Page! - Green - Retail: $1229 - Overstock Clearance: $ 879 - Year End Clearance Price: $799! - This boat is one of the hottest canoes in the line up, beautiful Indian craftsman style rounded ends, light weight, stable for family use, one of the best models for family, sport fishing, or small lakes and easy rivers! It is a "Camper" of course! Royalex Material! Old Town Canoe Co. page, CAMPER 16' "

"CHARLES RIVER RX 16'3" Old Town Canoe" - Red - Green - Retail: $1299 - Overstock Clearance Number Two: $899 - Year End Clearance Price: $849! - This boat is designed from a 1903 Charles River Canoe made with wood strip craftsmanship a century of years ago. Around the 1900's, when craftsmanship was recognized as an art at Old Town Canoe Company, these boats were elegantly designed with highly rounded ends, upswept decks, a rounded profile for beautiful looks and paddle clearance, and a super stable design for the solo paddler, entire family! This is a new version in the Royalex material, providing elegance and finish and superb durability, now presented in one of the most beautiful designs built to this day in modern materials at only 62 lbs! These are overstock boats, number two quality with a possibility of a noticible cosmetic blemish. These boats are made to be paddled... "