Canoe Symposium



JUNE 19 -21, 2015

Pine Lake Camp, Westfield, WI

The Wisconsin Canoe Symposium will be held from June 19-21 at Pine Lake Camp, Westfield, WI .

Food service and a variety of lodging accommodations will be available, including motel style rooms, cabin bunkhouse, and a campground with available electric.

Canoe instruction will be the primary focus, with camaraderie and an overall great time a close second…

Details to follow!

Your hosts,

Tracy Hunt & Paul Klonowski

More information will be posted, as it becomes available on the FreeStyle site,

For this event to be successful, it is important that folks from the real mid west attend and that it doesn’t draw folks away from other canoe symposiums.

Looks nice.
I took a looksee using google satellite. Looks like a nice lake to work on. The camp also looks like it has a great lay out. Good location out in the country, yet in proximity to population centers. Nice work.

No public lake access,
so power boat traffic will be pretty non-existent. Water should work well, and there is a campground on the lake.