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I am looking for a good video/dvd that teaches solo canoe technique. Not interested in freestyle just good form for using a straight paddle or bentshaft for touring in flatwater. Any recommendations?

canoe technique
This isnt quite what you asked for, but “The Path of the Paddle” by Bill Mason is a great read and resource. Available from this website’s sponsor:

I havent seen any of Mason’s videos, or his son or daughter’s videos, anybody out there able to provide a review?


Check out…

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Check out Drill Time I & II by Kent Ford

While it at first appears to be geared towards the whitewater paddler, all the skills discussed, and demonstrated, are readily applicable to the flat water canoe paddler.

A great book, showing both tandem & solo techniques is Paddle Your Own Canoe by Gary & Joanie McGuffin. Great easily understood text & heavily illustrated.


Path of the Paddle
The DVD has all 4 Path of the Paddle films. Solo and Tandem Flatwater as well as Solo and Tandem Whitewater. Very good teaching vids though the whitewater stuff is dated compared to the films Bob mentions above. Dated but not obsolete especialy if you are soloing a tandem hull.

I posted a link to Whitewater Video in another thread

They carry the Mason vids as well as the Drilltime vids.

Mike Fries video
From J&J paddles in New York. some really insightfull knowledge. It is basically geared toward flat water go fast type paddlign but most is transferable across venues.

Sorry I did not post this with request. I use a solo canoe (Bell Merlin) and just bought a ZRE flatwater paddle at 10 oz with a 12 degree bend and 8 1/4" blade. Typically, I use a kayak paddle because it is more efficient for me since my technique with canoe paddle is probably pretty bad because when I get in currents or high beam winds I can’t control the boat as well with the single blade as I can with the kayak paddle.

Being a kayaker my technique is pretty good since I have taken lessons and watched forward stroke videos and practiced for a few years and still continue tweaking. There are no places that I can go here in So FL that have solo canoe paddling lessons that I know of. Have bought many books on solo canoe paddling but it is not the same would prefer a video. Will look at those recommended but it this bit of info helps in other recommendations, great!

Mark and Becky Molina, Ft. Pierce, FL
Mark and Becky are two of the nicest paddlers I’ve ever met, and they offer solo canoes classes in your area. They are both world class paddlers, ACA certified instructor trainers, and excellent Greenland style sea kayakers. Their videos are available through several outlets. I bought mine at

For more information on Mark and Becky