Canoe Thigh Brace ID

Looking through some of the thigh brace options for tandem ww canoeing and can’t seem to find this style.

Anyone out there think they can ID this brand? Looks like a nice quick release and the colorway is a little more appealing than a mike yee setup. Leads appreciated!

Don’t recognize the brand. It is nice to see the quick release buckle - don’t see that much anymore. It is hard to find canoe outfitting anywhere these days. When in doubt, stick with Mike Yee - you know what you will get.

While they are not exactly the same, Northwater makes a similar set of padded thigh straps with a Fastex quick-release side buckle. While the Northwater straps lack the loop to which a length of shock cord can be added, it is not difficult to thread a zip tie under the fabric to create a small loop for this purpose.

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