canoe thwart/seat/yoke fasteners

Anyone know where to get those strange, raised stainless washers that Dagger used on their canoe thwarts and seats? Or even what they are called? For that matter, why do they use those instead of plain old flat washers?

If you don’t know what I mean, look at a Dagger open boat (I’m pretty sure my Mohwak uses these, too, probably other companies as well). Where a thwart, yoke, or seat bolts through the vinyl/aluminum gunwale, there’s a flathead machine screw with a raised washer that matches the cone profile of the underside of the machine screw’s head. I haven’t unscrewed one of those yet to see if it’s more than a washer. Maybe it is. In any case, I need to mount some replacement seats and don’t have the OEM hardware. Can I just use regular screws, or do those cone shaped things serve a structural purpose?

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West Marine has dem. Some Sears Hardware stores may also have dem. Official name fer dem be a finishing washer. They help center de fastener head an' prevent de edges of de head from catchin' on stuff.


thank you
Now I know what they are called, it’ll be easier to track them down. Found 'em on west marine’s site, but I’ll check to see if any of our local stores have some before ordering online.

Lowe’s also carries them. Lowe’s has
a half decent stock, usually, of stainless screws, bolts, washers and nuts. Be careful, some of the nuts work in the store.

Murphy works there too
in the form of

a) The size you need in the blue drawers will be empty, and

b) Some customer will put items back in the wrong bin, causing your initial joy in apparently finding the correct size being dashed by the realization that, in reality, “a)” is the reality.

And don’t assume that all sizes in the bags are correctly marked. I recently bought some 10-24 Tee nuts (as marked on teh bag) only to discover that they were actually 10-32’s.


James Town Distributors
$4.00 for a box of 100. You can sell them to your friends.

They are called “Fender Washers”
I haven’t checked recently, but you should be able to get them at West Marine, or any well stock paddle shop.



Fender washers are large flat washers
with holes that match the size of the bolt/screw. Finishing washer is the term used in the hardware trade.

These guys have them…
and almost everything else:

search “finish washer”

You are right and I was wrong.
I had always called them “fender Washers”

Thanks for correcting me.