Canoe to fly fish for big guy

Hi. Right now

I have natives ultimates 14 and mad river explorer 16. Both great vessel,but beeing close to 290 pound and imwant to stand up most off time i want even more stabile vessel.

I am looking at the wenonah kingfisher but hard tomfindmused around here Ottawa Ontario…any other canoe as stabile as the kingfisher out there???



Jon boat
I’m not kidding or being snarky.

There are a number of paddling platforms selling themselves as something that you can stand up in. And…you can. However, remember that you also have to be able to sit down in them, which is actually harder than standing up. I mean the process of going from standing to sitting is harder than the process of going from sitting to standing.

You have a couple of good boats there already. If you want to stand, and those don’t do it for you, you can look to buy something like a Jackson Cuda, or you can get a used jon boat and a couple of oars, maybe put a trolling motor on it for a lot less. Or you can maybe learn to use the boats you have.

It’s not all in the boat. Remember the old adage, if it’ll float it can flip. Some boats are better suited to standing and fishing than others, that’s for sure. The ones you’ve got have a ton of primary stability, but I don’t know whether there’s a flat surface for your feet. If there is, they may work for you if you have the physical strength and balance to use them. Yoga may help, or standing on one foot for extended periods (while on land), and things like that. I’d recommend balance and strength practice regardless of whether you get a new boat or not.

Good luck. I hope you get some combination that works out really well for you.

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Thanks big d
The cuda is not more stabile then my ultimate 14,the only yak that is more stabile is the nucanie frontier,

But me i am looking for a canoe,nothing helse,i already have 2 ultimates 14 and two tarpon 100 and a tarpon 140

My canoe would be for little trip with the wife,but mainly for fly fishing standing up,and yes its true standing is kind of easyer siting back down is harder,thatswhy you need higher seat and little rope or something to help to gomup and down…

My canoe now the mad explorer is not stabile anaugh for me for long period,so need flater bottom and larger,

So the wenonah kingfisher was my choice,but i am lookingbat used and no many around here,but mabe there is other canoe as stabile??? So guys guive me some info. Thanks


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Esquif produces several canoes for fishing. I have the largest, the Cargo. It is, by far, the easiest canoe to stand that I've ever used. I used to have a Coleman Scanoe that was also easy to stand and fish in. For other than rivers - big old Grummans will get the job done.

The Scanoe has more initial stability, but the Esquif is better and smoother and more predictable in every way. It's heavy, so I added oarlocks to row it when solo or 'guiding' a friend. I had one friend stand and fish from the bow while I rowed upstream and then back down, including through a small riffle.

You vere try there canoe malar? Compare to cargo?

I still want light,no more then 75 i can


Sorry - I didn’t follow.
What is your question?

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Standing in a boat

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You would be better off in a drift boat, guide boat, or a small aluminum fishing boat. You need more beam to safely fish standing up in a boat. There are some kayaks with expandable outriggers that might work also.