Canoe Tractor Seat back

I have acquired a Wenonah Advantage with a tractor seat. I need something for lower back support.

Suggestions please.

Morning String
I suspect you already know that a footbar is going to be needed to support your back

That said there are a couple of alternatives. I think some kayakers can chime in with backbands that would work too but I am not familiar with those

This looks like an item of torture. For the price it ought to look more comfy

This guy has two for sale Not sure if still available… they look far more supportive for the lumbar area

I am also thinking a few years ago I saw a seat that was like a Crazy Creek with a soft bottom to contour to a curved seat.

The boat has a foot bar.
Piragis sells seats like the ones on eBay. I wonder if tjey work.

bad back
I have and off again and on again bad back, sometimes worse than others. Posture is the key, support isn’t.

I’ve taken my back bands off, they cause more problems than they fix.

If you need more support try a good back brace to hold your posture.

Bill H.

Hi-Density foam build with help from its

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thwart immediately behind the seat. Might take some measuring given where you want the seat's placement. Put a few holes in it for ventilation. Might be kind of crude but you might be able to give yourself something rock solid...y/n? I once added on some breatheable material facing to a foam block, cut some holes in the as to let air pass thru(in places) and give me a somewhat breatheable backing. Just had to get the right shape to it for comfort. No complaints, worked pretty well. Contact cement can help to piece it together...
Might seem like a lot of work, but it was worth the effort.

GCI Sitbacker
I bought a GCI Sitbacker seat for my wife when she had back problems. She loved it. I eventually bought one for myself too. Very comfortable.

Nice lumbar area on that!
That looks like a nice choice…

cvca backband

I have a very comfy backband from them but they no longer have a link for it. Do they still make these?

A backrest will make it more tipsy.