canoe tractor seat

I’m looking for a foam or molded tractor seat I can fit into my solo. Any help would be appreciated.

Do you want to
pad an existing FG tractor seat? Or install an all-foam one?

If the latter, there are several foam seats made for kayaks that should work, CLC and Pygmy boats sell them.


tractor seat
I’m looking for an a new foam or molded seat that will be about the same height off the bottom as the stock one (about 6 inches). Thanks for the suggestion.

tractor seat
do you have a local junk/surplus srore? I know mine has an abundant supply of foam seats. wide range of price.


Western Canoe and Kayaking
I recently installed a tractor seat into my royalex Bell Wildfire. I obtained it from Western Canoe and Kayaking out of Canada. Good help, good service. At the same time, I installed their foot brace. I find the combination of foot brace and seat is very comfortable, stable and controllable. Good luck.

Lots of peal and stick foam pads…
out there, Wenonah sells one for something like $8 and it makes a world 'o difference on this old boys boney butt.