Canoe Trail - Do they exist?

I hope you can help me out. What I am looking for I dont know if it exist. I would like to find a "canoe trail" suggestion list. A list of suggested canoe trips in some region( preferably southeast US )that someone could do over say a week long trip. For example you could drive to a location complete a canoe trip, camp that evening, drive the next day or half day and complete another canoe trip, then repeat at different locations for about 7 days.

I have seen all the top ten lists, but they are way too spread out. I need more regional. I live in NE Alabama, so like I stated Southeast would be best. Also, my canoe buddy is only 14 and I will be needing to rent a canoe at each location.

If there are areas outside the Southeast but are within a couple days drive that should not be overlooked please advise.

Thanks in advance

Have you looked here…

or here…

Delorme Gazetteers
Sold state by state. Each usually has a list of caone trips in the front matter with cross references to the maps.


there are a bunch of them that I know of
but keep in mind that you have to think about a shuttle, or you have to pick rivers with slow moving currents so you can do out and back trips.

Check out the Suwannee River Canal Trail for starters.

It starts in Fargo, Georgia, and goes all the way to the Gulf in Florida You could also camp in the Okeefeenokee Swamp since that is where it starts.

Jack L

There are published canoe guidebooks
for all the SE states. You can use them to identify trips like you want. If you are near an REI store, they may carry some of the SE guidebooks.

I am fortunate in being married to a “shuttle bunny,” who is quite willing to help me run sections of river all around the country… 39 states so far. Finding cooperative outfitters or drivers can be difficult. Sometimes I would be quite willing to pay $$ to an outfitter, but they will not run shuttle for other than their standard runs, because that is all their insurance covers them for.

A short little canoe trip from …
… Old Forge, NY to Fort Kent Maine on the North Forest Canoe Trail.

If you’ve got a few weekends to spare and good walking shoes for the portages! There are a lot of good people who have been working very hard to make this trail viable.

Right in your own back yard:

There is also the TN River with quite a few miles of good paddling before you leave the state.


Not in the area
I know this is really far away but I figured I would throw it out there for the some day list. Most of the river miles in Montana are best traveled by canoe. A two hour drive from Missoula can get you to dozens of good canoeing options. Three to five hours and that number multiplies.

Canoe Liveries
I’ve had great success working through canoe liveries. Those that I know are small family businesses and are usually anxious to help. Especially since you are going to rent canoes. Try googling “canoe livery” and the state you’re interested in. This should turn up a list of contacts. You may want to cross-refernce them to google maps to plan your trip. This technique has been very useful here in Michigan.

ACA List by State
The largest list of Water trails on the web…