canoe trailer for bike tow

Wondering if anyone knows of a lightweight “trailer” to tow a canoe behind a bicycle.

Our local river has a bike trail over most of it’s length. Paddling downstream and peddling back up sounds better than paddling both ways. (I’ve done that many times before)

I’m thinking of something with bicycle wheels. Are there products, websites out therre? Any pics?


Try these

These from Googling on Bicycle Trailer Kayak.

there are a few commercially
available, nut they ssem to pricey for me. The nice ones with 16 - 20" wheels go for $300 +. I think one of them is on p-net buyer’s guide.

This one looks pretty good to me, but still a little $$ ($200)

I have been thinking of different homemade versions. I have yet to actually assemble anything, though. I got a used kiddie jogger, 2 seat side by side model, to use as the basis for the trailer. I use it for portaging now, I just need a good (read: cheap)hitch idea.

Hitch idea
Something I was thinking about that might work or might not. You’ll need a solid luggage rack over the rear wheel. Attach a bar (probably square tubing would work best) to the luggage rack so that it extends out beyond the rear wheel. Attach a chain to the outboard end of the bar and attach the other end to the bow of the kayak. It should hang down a short ways and swing freely. when you take off, the chain will extend and move the kayak. When you stop, it will come forward and stop when the chain tightens. Make sure that the bar extends out far enough that the boat doesn’t hit your rear wheel when you stop. WARNING I don’t know if this will work. With this set up, the bike leans independantly of the boat. It might be a little disconcerting starting and stopping since there will be a slight delay before the boat starts moving or when it stops. Very simple though.

Look at bicycle trailers for kids.
The hitch apparatus is a good one and may be available for purchase somewhere.

I have seen some
spare ones for sale, but they want like $25 (American, no less!). I only have $10 into the cart.

Plus, I haven’t decided if I want an axle mount (like most kiddie trailers), or a seat-post mount. Nor have I tried anything to see which I like better.

The biggest motivator killer on my project is that the ponds I would need to use the trailer to take the canoe to have alligators in them, and the wife won’t let me take my boy near them in the canoe. So the whole project is moot.

An easier cheaper alternative

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Might be a good lock. Lock your bike at the take out end, then lock your canoe and peddle back to the car.

When I do paddle/pedal shuttles I lock the kayak to a tree, and cover it with an old wrinkled, dirty brown tarp I keep in the back hatch. This hides it from view from anyone driving by.

Never mind …
… how much you spent on the trailer – look at the total.

If your Grandma sold you her Cadillac for a dollar, would you whine cuz it costs fifty bucks to fuel it? Sheesh, if I could have a working canoe-bike-trailer for $35, I’d jump at it. : )

As for the hitch, I’d suggest the ones that mount to the frame, near the axle, to keep your center of gravity lower. You get a big canoe that tries to go straight when you mean to turn, and it could buck you like a bronco.

I’m rebuilding a double stroller-trailer to haul my kayak. Hitch is already there; all I have to do is extend the arm and arrange a support cradle for the boat.

My favorite
is here:

Simple, strong, and not priced as high as some.

Too high for me, though; I’m pimping an old kiddie trailer.

That’s a great price for a all aluminum trailer!

…And it looks cool.