Canoe Trailer

I am in the market for a trailer to haul my two canoes on. I am interested in a trailer that preferably can haul my gear also in. Does anyone have any information on dealers, manufactures, or does anyone have a trailer for sale??

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I’ve considered a canoe trailer many times, but haven’t taken that step yet. Looking at what’s available out there the sturdy models from Blue Mountain Outfitters and MO Trailers keep topping of my list.

I’ve never seen a MO in person, but they look most like the custom built canoe trailers Cliff Jacobson details in his books. I’ve seen the BMO model and it is one stoutly built unit. The BMO and MO models aren’t cheap, but they should last a good long time.

While a canoe trailer would see plenty of use for us helping with weekend river shuttles, the main reason I’d like one would be for long distance adventures. For that use the cheap, small wheeled, flimsy rigs so often seen for sale look cheesy by comparison. A canoe trailer capable of sustained hi-way speeds and with ample gear storage would be what I’d be most interested in. I’m especially leery of the really light-weight rigs with small wheels, plastic fenders and a single center beam.

I like Andy’s idea. I have been looking
at trailers for over a year and the best ones I’ve seen are modified utility and boat trailers.I know I can use one or the other for a base and build the trst myself for a whole lot less than a manufactuered one.

The utility I keep eyeballing is made by Snow Bear and carried by Home Depot. It comes with an adjustable tongue, treated wood floor , and front and back gates that drop flat.

Slick Rydr

I’ve discribed my homemade…
trailer several times here, if you do a search I’m sure you’ll find it.

I used a small boat/jetski trailer and modified it for a very good reason… In my state, utility trailers have to be registered and licenced. Boat trailers do not.

A boat trailer modified for canoes is still a boat trailer… a utility trailer modified for canoes is modified utility trailer. Your state regulations may vary.