I want a nice canoe trailer that will carry 4 canoes and also have storage in the bottom to carry duluth packs paddles, etc. I would like the canoes off the ground a ways. Really i am looking for a 6 place with the whole bottom to spots all enclosed storage (dry) I also need it to be long enough to carry my wenonnah MN II (18’6"). Would like something with bigger tires (not snowmobile tires…i like big ones.) Where can i get something like this fairly inexpensive? I know can build one but i dont have equipment? Just wondering where people can buy them from. I found a few spots on internet that i didnt care for. Any other places people recommend?


I saw an add somewhere here on PNET for a multi use traler that was rather clever. It had a boat rack on top and then a storage locker on it. Search for trailers in accessories.

P-Net buyers guide
Check for Accessories, Transportation, Trailers. MUT trailers are made by Slick Ryder.


Canoe trailers
Here’s some links regarding better built canoe trailers with full sized wheels and a storage compartment:

Might also talk to some builders
I don’t know about you, but there are an awful lot of trailer builders around where I live. You see dealers for commercially made utility trailers of all types in many of the nearby towns, and a lot of these trailers are made by local shops. Maybe find a shop like that and tell them what you want. Odds are they could modify an existing utility-box design to incorporate a rack up above. Not sure if the price would be competitive, but since the “worst” part of the trailer construction already has been worked out to the point that it is efficent and competitively priced, adding on the racks might turn out to add a rather small extra cost. Just a thought.

Good idea
Guideboatguy offers a good idea (as usual) - check your local trailer dealers. The guy in my area who sells utility trailers buys most of his stock from a bigger manufacturer; some of the trailers he sells could be converted to canoe trailers with the addition of a longer tongue, extended A-frame and a rack. He also makes custom trailers from the ground up. I was going to have one built a few months ago, but decided to spend the money I had set aside for this on a new boathouse instead… Damn budgets!

In previous threads on this topic (there have been many) it has been suggested that a homemade rack built to sit on a regular utility trailer would suffice. While this might work just fine for short punkin’ seed rec yaks and the like it won’t work for long canoes.

I kinda did the Victor Kiam routine after seeing how well these trailers put up with harsh environments. They are all aircraft alum., wickedly light! I have an 8 place canoe trailer that I can pick up and move when it’s attaced to the hitch. (no boats loaded of course). It also gives you the options of adding 12" galv. wheels, spares, front jack etc. Modular and shippable. I have a few pictures of mine in the photo albums (Freedom Park) on Drop me a line if you want to know more about 'em.

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