I want a nice canoe trailer that will carry 4 canoes and also have storage in the bottom to carry duluth packs paddles, etc. I would like the canoes off the ground a ways. Really i am looking for a 6 place with the whole bottom to spots all enclosed storage (dry) I also need it to be long enough to carry my wenonnah MN II (18’6"). Would like something with bigger tires (not snowmobile tires…i like big ones.) Where can i get something like this fairly inexpensive? I know can build one but i dont have equipment? Just wondering where people can buy them from. I found a few spots on internet that i didnt care for. Any other places people recommend?


In my area there are a lot of people with drift boats that need or have trailers thus there is a market for trailers etc.

I had my canoe trailer built by the local welding shop. Find out from the local fishing shop, horse trailer, utility trailer people where they have them made. Look in the yellowpages!

Mine holds 2-4 canoes and about 2000 lbs of gear


try this
do a google search just lick this:

“canoe trailer” mike mccrea

Mike McCrea’s excellent design will be at the top of the list at Paddler Mag.

blue mountain outfitters in marysville pa. makes excellent ones. jon

match tires to vehicle
If you are having a custom trailer made and you want larger tires, get rims that match you vehicle. Thus if you have a chevy, get identical chevy rims. This makes having spares a bit simpler. If you carry a lot of weight, get true heavy duty trailer tires. I have a mini van and had a custom light weight trailer made for bikes or canoes with smaller tires with a light weight axle. Our boy scout troop uses a tailer someone made from a boat trailer with a couple of boxes to hold paddles and life jackets. It works well. I would check with trailer dealers in your area and see which ones get custom made trailers. Most welders wanted to make a heavy duty construction grade trailer. It was a bit hard to find a guy who understood I wanted a long lightweight trailer which could be pulled by a mini van.