Canoe Trailer

We are interested in buying a canoe trailer that would go on the back of our car and carry one canoe. We are looking for a good deal, maybe second hand.

A little more info please.
Hi; you are new to this forum so i will suggest you give us a little more information. Are you just going to tow the canoe to a local put in and never go to highway speeds? Are you going to put alot of gear on the canoe and use it as a storage shed for paddles etc? what are you going to pull it with ? a Motor clycle (then you really only want a single wide trailer) or if you are using your toyota you might want a trailer big enough for two canoes in case you ever have to work a shuttle.

Talk to us we can give you alsorts of crazy ideas!

Find anything here in your area

Caone trailer wanted
We are only interested in a trailer to hold one canoe. We would be pulling it wiht our car and would not have a lot of gear as we only do day trips. We are getting a little older and putting the canoe on top of the car is getting a little more difficult to do. Therefore we would like something to simply pull and be able to easily put the canoe in the water.

Used woudl be great!!