Canoe trailer

Ok, here’s this season’s brilliant idea: Tow the canoe on a trailer using a folding bike as the tow vehicle. I’ll use this set up to paddle some of the rivers in my area that conveniently have put in take out access on or very near paved roads. The plan is to put the bike and trailer in the canoe to paddle between put in and take out.

Folding bikes, not a problem, with Bike Friday’s New World Tourist getting the nodd. Trailers, especially folding trailers are another issue. Any one know of any manufacturers for bike pulled canoe trailers? Folding trailers?

Try this one

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They've just came out with an interesting looking bike mounted canoe hauler.

I forgot to mention the bike trailer can also be a stand alone paddle cart....pretty unique engineering, looks solid as all get out.

I give these a try
Thanks for the links. I’ll try these and go from there.

Canoe carts
I just saw this on CCR yesterday.

This is what I have.

The CG might be a little high for towing with that.

I like bigger wheels because they will rollover more and bicycle style wheels over plastic rims because they won’t break as soon.

The Wike with the alloy rims would be as good as anything I’ve seen if you don’t mind the price.