Canoe Trailers - LoadRite Vs. Genesis

Over the years, our family has made due with various car top carriers and rack systems to carry two 16’ Penobscot RX boats. Now that our kiddos are older, we need to carry a third boat (Currently a Discovery 174, but hopefully another quality royalex boat in the future).

I’m looking at two trailers, and wondering if anyone has had experience with either (or both).

1: Load Rite C1000-6T, an 18’, galvanized steel, tortion axle trailer with adjustable bunks.

2: Genesis KC161000-6, a 16’, galvanized steel, leaf spring axle trailer with adjustable bunks. (i’d purchase the option to make it an trailer capable of carrying 18’ boats).

Costs are really, really close for the two trailers.


Which ever way you go get some platform, equipment storage space, tool box storage on the lower deck for carrying gear, spare tire, spare tire tools, jack, etc .