Canoe Trailor??

Me and my buddies go canoeing pretty much every weekend and we have about 4-5 canoes and 2-3 kayaks that go and its a hassle loading everything up and taking three vehicles… just wondering if anybody has built a canoe trailer or had any advice on one so we could load up quicker without as much hassle…

trailer reviews
Trailer reviews here:

what I’m looking for
Been to a couple of places that sold trailers around where I live asked them about canoe trailers and they looked at me funny…lol

Do you have skills?
I mean…can you fabricate and weld? If you can the possibilitys are enless. My 6 canoe place trailer was an old popup camper frame that was lengthened on both ends. The uprights are 3 inch channel with 1 1/2 inch tubes for the rungs and 1 inch angle for a cross brace. It is mounted to the trailer and can be removed if necessary. The top rung is at my eye level, 6ft, so loading is not too bad.


Buy cheap regular trailer…
I would buy a cheap regular trailer then add the carrying racks to it myself.

I would aim to make my trailer look like this:

If you can’t weld then you can still get materials and bolt them together. I would not make the canoe rack out of wood although I’ve seen it done.

Start with this?:


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Thanks!! i got a friend that can weld so access to welding equipment is not a problem i was looking for ideas on what to use as a base

mine using a K car rear axle. bought steel for the rest of it. it has shocks, they help make the boats ride smooth. tongue is 12 feet long {measured from the axle. I have a buy list somewhere if your interested , I can see if I can find it.

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Some ideas
Now, these are for kayaks, but easily adaptable for canoes.

trailer method
If I was going to build one now, I’d prefer to start with a 12-14’ utility trailer with an expanded metal floor and a short, “pin in place” tailgate. Then I’d weld a reciever hitch at each end and use 2" box to go up from there. You can easily go 3 boats high (carry 6 boats) on it and have the original bottom section to carry paddles and wet gear. A buddy of mine built one like this on a 8 or 10 ft trailer that works great for kayaks.