Canoe transport help

It is tax return time and I’m looking to buy some boats. I have 3 I would like to buy and I’m looking for help to get them from a Chicago suburb, Central IL…keep the hands off the sunburst, and Springfield MO to central or eastern IA. The other 2 are discos

My canoe hauler is a beater camry and I don’t think it would make these trips. Gas money included. If you don’t mind helping me out give me a shout. Thanks


Look up
Affordable Boat Carriers or KAS.

Both specialize in canoe transport.

Called KAS

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I missed Mr. Skinner by a couple days. He was doing a Chicago to Des Moines run too. Cost was around $200 to ship the Disco which I can see paying if I had some special boat but for a disco I will have to keep looking unless something pops up in the next couple of days from a good samaritan.

At the moment I just need to get this boat out of the seller's hands. He wants it out of the garage.


Last request
Last transport request. Anyone going to Canoecopia from the Springfield IL area? I’m planning to attend Sat night through Sunday. Give me a shout if you can help transport a blue hole sunburst canoe to the show. Gas money included for your help.