canoe transport

i know this might be a dumb question.But why don’t you see people caring there canoe right side up on there car/truck? does the air flow miss up your gas mileage or something will it fly off.i’m not trying to be stupid or nothing but I have always wondered.

Are the strongest part of the canoe

The gnwales
are basically the strongest and most logical place to rest on the cross bars, or just on the roof. It would require buying special saddles to transport a canoe right side up. Also if it started raining you have another problem of the canoe filling up with water. I built a canoe once and had to transport it without the gunwales to finish outfitting the canoe. In that case I set it on the racks face up.IIR I borrowed saddles./

Just this fall I witnessed a canoe that was left upright on a van over night in a rain storm, they couldn’t lift it and to open the drain plug.