Canoe tribute ideas, canoer passed away

My 30yr brother completed a 60 day solo trip canoeing the entire mighty Mississippi in 2015, sadly he passed away unexpectedly in 2018 and now I have his canoe. My parents have taken the loss extremely hard, does anyone have any ideas on how to use his canoe to make something in rememberance, I was thinking of something that could cut the canoe up so it could be given to family and friends

I think a paddler would be appalled at the idea of cutting up a good boat. It would be better sold or given to someone who will use and appreciate it.
Are there photos or journals to commemorate his enjoyment of canoeing?

I’m so sorry for your loss and can only imagine your parents’ grief.

Sixty days paddling the Mississippi makes me think your brother was an avid canoeist. What do you think he would want for the boat that carried him on his wonderful adventure?

While there are a number of ways you could repurpose it, such as making book shelves out of sections, have you considered donating it to an organization that would make good use of it? Perhaps a camp so children can learn paddling skills and make wonderful memories, or an environmental organization specializing in river health? You could add his name to the canoe and nicely framed photographs of the gifting ceremony would make a nice remembrance.

Even more fitting would be an organization associated with the The Mississippi River Network.

Hello, london5780,

I like Rookie’s idea of donating the canoe to a worthy organization or individual and having framed photographs of the gifted canoe as a tribute.


I was thinking along the same lines as Rookie… A nice photo put together of the canoe and the son would be a better memoir than bits of plastic.

Donating to a kids organization or camp keeps the spirit of canoeing alive. Sawing it deadens the spirit.

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I like the idea of a donation. Local scouts or something.
Maybe a picture and something line a single paragraph about him. His Mississippi trip may inspire some of the kids.

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