Canoe trim question ?

On a C-2 comp Cruiser:

With the bow seat and stern seat all the way forward and the bow still out of trim by about a inch:

Which would be better to do;

  1. Add some weight under the front seat ?
  2. race with it out of trim ?

    I don’t want to rebuild and move the rear seat any more forward. I did that two years ago.

    Jack L

go on a diet?? NM

Feed yer bow paddler

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plenty of "Meanie Burgers". (Source of these given on request).

Seriously, ya might add some water bags ta de bow. An inch out of trim ain't too bad - ah' run me bows a little high but ah' do rivers mostly. Maybe it is more critical in a race boat. Can't really tell ya, ah'm not a racer.


Bulk up time for Nanci

Give Nanci your charge card, have her go out to dinner with the Baldpaddler and RedCrossRandy about a dozen times to pry their upper body bulkup secrets from them and your trim problem will be solved.

You just won’t be able to arm wrestle with her anymore and you’ll have to wait at the end of every race till she is done signing autographs and posing for the papparazzi.

But they will eat so much the extra boat draft will slow them down enough we can all beat them.