Canoe trip in April 2005

My girlfriend and I are planning on doing a 2-5 day canoe trip in mid-late April in either Idaho, Montana, Washington, or in southern British Columbia or southern Alberta. Due to the time of year, water level may be limiting, and so I’m asking if anyone have any useful suggestions about rivers in these parts at this time of year. I was thinking of the Columbia, Missouri, or the Milk River… any beta would be appreciated. We are capable paddlers, but as we would be doing this trip alone, not tempted to go above 2+. Thanks from northern BC.

i would goto either “Gateway of the Mountains” which is only a days paddle, or the “National wild and scenic river section”-150 mile 2-6 days depending on takeout…stretch… both are on the upper Missouri river in Montana

i passed thru there after starting at the headwaters May 16th,04.

you can check out some photos and descriptions of area in my journal at]

-journals not finished, im uploading a page n photo every other day

I agree with freighttrain…

The Scenic section below Ft. Benton to Judith landing will be perfect. Check out Google under “canoe outfitters ft. benton montana” and it will bring up a bunch of shuttles to get back to your can and rentals if you need it.

Mind you…this is EARLY- MONTANA still can get FEET of snow that time of year. The vegetation will be drab since it hasnt budded out but there wont be bugs and few people.

I have a bunch of pics posted on my web site. check for the 'updates section and the dates of june"


The other places you mentioned well…BC will still be winter, and the pacific may be snow free but they get nasty driving sleet and rain that time of year…montana is more stable

Salmon Falls Creeks
The Owyhee is the most famous April trip in Idaho and Oregon. You need a good 4x4 for it though. Salmon Falls Creek, near Jackpot NV, is a nice two day run into a small reservior. That might be doable in late April. The Snake has many places to paddle. The South Fork of the Boise is only a class 2 day run along the road below Anderson Ranch Dam. I’d stay away from big water father north unless you want to deal with ice and mud. April isn’t a fun month to be too far north.

your journal
fantastic pictures and engaging journal. thank you for sharing