Canoe value, how to sell

We have a tandem 17’ We-no-nah Jensen (Tuf-weave, red gel coat, black aluminum, adjustable seats, yellow cream interior) that we love. Only 56# but length is too much at our age to transport. Making switch to single kayaks. Canoe is used, but good shape; few gel coat scratches, NO damage.

Unable to determine a price this canoe. Want to price to sell, but still get fair value. Also, would welcome any advice on how and where to find the next owner of our “Fast Eddy”. – Ken, Oregon

good boat
That is Jensens borderline racing/touring canoe…fast and fun to paddle.

I would google the words “value of jensen 17 canoe” and see what you get…

Also see if any are sold here on pnet in the classifieds and what they go for. Hundred of canoes for sale on there.

Also do a search on Ebay and enter the same words above to get you the canoe and others who are selling it.

Contact Piragis in Ely Mn …they sell and have used them in their rental fleet…see what they go for. They may also have a message board to sell on

I don’t know anything about that
specific boat - so I agree you need to do some checking around. But my general rule of thumb is that if it is a good boat in very good condition and still on the market new - 50% of the cost new often works. Very rough rule of thumb.

I have seen a few for sale posted

Depends on the age of the boat. Used boats rarely go to four figures.

Jensen 17

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It all depends on the market, of course, and basically the boat is "worth" what the market will bear.

Put as a point of reference, a 17' Tuf-weave Wenonah Jensen with aluminum trim listed for $795 in 1992. A sliding bow seat was a $30 optional extra.

If yours is in really good condition I certainly wouldn't be ashamed to ask $500 for it. And given the rapidly escalating costs for quality composite boats over the last few years, it could conceivable bring $700-$750 or so.

I saw an 18' Tuf-weave Wenonah Jensen in good condition here in Evansville, IN for $750 a couple of years ago and almost went for it.

Wenonah's Tuf-weave layups were very well built. The only advantage of their Kevlar boats was a relatively modest weight savings.

I just sold one

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I bought my J17 2 years ago for $800 and sold it this year for $800. It was also Tuff weave in good condition. Im in MN and sold it in the summer so the market was probably a little better than in the winter.

Anyways $750-ish seems like a decent place to start. $500 is a steal. May as well start on the high side and drop the price if it doesnt move.

In terms of finding people, free classifieds here on this site:

or craigslist is how Ive sold all my boats.

I have two Jensen 17’s, but they are
ultralight Kevlar.

You didn’t say the age, but I would ask $600 for it and take $500.

If it was ultralight Kevlar it would be worth between $1000, and $1500

Jack L

17’ Jensen price
You live on the far side of the Rockies. The canoe has black aluminum trim, sliding seats. At 56# its light for a glass tandem and a great paddling hull. I would open at $750. Thats less than half price of a new canoe shipped to Oregon.


Its THE tandem canoe that wins the Yukon River Quest…Longest Canoe and Kayak race. The Jensens rule the canoe division. Google the race and post a message on the message board.

I’m not an expert
but I’d think $600-$1200 depending on age, condition, and where you are selling it. Good luck selling it. I’m sure someone will want it.

This is why I love PNet
I don’t have a dog in this fight, but reading all these excellent suggestions makes me reflect on my own experiences seeking help from PNetters. Rock on!

Boat selling
Craigslist will reach a lot of people and help you judge the market. Your boat is somewhat specialized so it make take a couple of weeks. Condition is an important feature in determining the value of older boats.

If you get no bites after a while, expand your marketing to the whole state.

canoe value, how to sell
Oh, wow! Thank you so much, everyone. Very helpful info and advice. Will get it looking really spiffy, see what shakes out for interest. May try once or twice now, then wait until comfortable paddle season. Serious paddlers are out whatever the conditions, but most folks hide inside during cold and wet Oregon winter–or switch to snow sports. Strongly suspect selling Fast Eddy will be easier than choosing kayaks. Oh Lord, so many choices…

Someone else already mentioned 50% of retail and I’d agree. I’ve always found that to be a decent target for a used canoe in good condition.

That’s a great boat. Super efficient. For what it’s worth, I sold an 18’ Wenonah Jensen tufweave, dual sliding seats, very good condition, on Portland’s Craigslist two years ago for $895. It went fast, same day to the first guy that called on it, with a few others waiting in the wings. However, that was in the summer when people were actively buying and selling. Maybe the right buyer is looking now, and there’s no harm in listing it. But if you’re not desperate to get rid of it and it doesn’t sell now, you’re likely to get some good hits on it in the spring/summer.

Considering the lack of brand options we have in Oregon, Wenonah is pretty much the top of the food chain for what we see for sale used around here (with some very rare exceptions). So people seem to value them rather highly.

Good luck

Still a few afficiandos around
who would like to have your canoe at a fair value price.

Still, most will “low ball” you, all the same, so don’t be surprised when you list it for sale and that happens.

Good luck.