canoe value info. needed

An elderly friend of mine has a Coleman ram ax x15 canoe, less than 10yrs. old maybe…(excellent cond.) that she needs to sell…anyone have any idea of what it may be worth? she doesn’t need to get rich, only move it. i have no knowledge of canoes…thought all you kind canoe people would help us.


people seem to shed them for $300
or a little less.

A lot of it depends on location (near good fishing water, etc) and also the time of year. This is not a great time of year to sell a Coleman. Better when a new paddler can buy it on Friday so he can paddle it on Saturday.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but
that is about the lowest value canoe there is.

Most, if not all canoers would not give you $100 for it.

I recall seeing them at Wally World four or five years ago for $200, (new).

Tell your friend to donate it to some youth group.



sell it to Clarion for $200

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Then he can make $100 profit, hoo wee. Last 2 I've seen that weren't wrapped (and they wrap permanently) were abandoned. I'm thinking Jacks right, $100 to a fisherman, should move it, although not this time of year in N.H...

Poster wasn’t asking what kind of canoes
… we like to paddle. I wouldn’t give $100 for one. If I did I’d have to store it as a loaner. No interest in doing that. But I usually see them advertised for $200-$300.

They go for $150 to $300 here
From fair to good condition.

good point…
i told her back in the summer to get me the info. so i could post it…well she’s getting a round to it. so here we are in cold weather, but donating is a great idea. thanks.

that’s why I figured
you could make $100, if you could get $300 for it.

you clearly have mind for bidness
If you drive it on down here in the spring, I’ll be happy to implement your plan :wink:

send a blank check
I’ll go pick it up ;-).

Here you go

Come when the creek’s up

Ram x’s are popular in the local canoe races that tend to be more about the party and less about the race. I have one in my shed that comes out once a year for just that type of event. There is little investment and I dont care how many drunken idiots bang into it. I would try selling it on Craigslist come spring time. Ask $250. It has its purpose and someone will want it.

craigslist +1
My first canoe was a Coleman RamX-17, bought it off Craigslist for $200, sold it 6 months later on Craigslist for $250. Just take a good picture, post it on Craigslist with the ad, and it will sell.