Canoe Videos from Hemlock Canoe

Hemlock canoes are often discussed and recommended on this site and forum, so I’m assuming this post is appropriate as informational.

Hemlock Canoe Works has just produced a series of short videos on five of its most popular models: Peregrine, Kestrel, Eagle, Eaglet and SRT. The first four videos are narrated by Hemlock owner Dave Curtis and the SRT video is narrated by designer Harold Deal.

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The Eaglet looked especially interesting
to me. In my old age, I need a light canoe that I can carry all around the country, and drop on flatwater or easy whitewater streams to paddle solo, or run tandem to carry the wife or grandchildren. As I am tall, I could easily solo the Eaglet, and it is just barely big enough to carry my 205# and my wife on day trips.

Falcon Series video
Did it appear that Dave and his wife were sitting? I only ask because I have a Kestral and it was meant for kneeling , I think, but I’ve put a foot brace it it and use a Zav bent…Not that it means anything really…

There really isn’t a kneeling canoe
Especially with a camping load you can sit in them easily. Even with the seat high

I’ve thought about putting footbraces in my Peregrine

Thanks for posting the links. Enjoyed watching Harold Deal giving his thoughts on his SRT design which is one of my favorite boats.

SRT getting the most views
Interesting, as I think the Falcon series sells better.

A lot of people seem to think the SRT is somehow similar to or derived from the Curtis Dragonfly, perhaps because Harold Deal was a the major influence in the specifying the Dragonfly design. Of course, all 15’ solo hulls are similar in a gross sense, but I think the asymmetrical SRT and symmetrical Dragonfly are quite different boats in several respects, and I know Harold and Dave Curtis, who made both hulls, feel the same way.

I think that is is because both
are river boats. Most US paddlers take to rivers more than lake to lake portaging trips.

Thanks for posting.

They added the Shaman
…but they took down the Nessmuk video. Maybe they want to make two separate videos for the Nessmuk and the Nessmuk XL. They had them together in one.