Canoe videos

Does anyone know where in the Sacramento, California area I could find canoeing videos? Thanks.

Dun’t know ‘bout Cal-i-forn-i-a, but some of da best videos are from the late Bill Mason - ‘Path Of The Paddle’ and ‘Waterwalker’. His daughter Becky also has an excellent one out called "Classic Solo Canoeing’. They are a bit hard to come by, but you can get them through mail order. Some local shops may carry them.

Fat Elmo

PNet Videos
After the discussion about Canadian style paddling, I went looking for canoeing videos. I was intrigued to find that the PNet store doesn’t seem to offer any canoeing videos.

I went to the Mason’s web page. At this point, is Becky the final word on taped canoeing technique? Is there a quality video for tandeming?

The Bill Mason Path of the Paddle is one of the best IMO

I just ordered the Becky Mason DVD so I can’t coment on that yet.

There is also a tape on freestyle manuvers from Tom McKenzie of Loonworks that is worth looking at.

If you are interested in whitewater playboating the Drilltime video is pretty good

ye be gonna like the ‘Classic Solo Canoeing’ DVD, TommyC. Becky mixes the instructional parts of the film with her and her late dad’s outlook on nature and life. The camera work and music is very, very well done. Beautiful film. Well worth it. Did you ever see Bill’s ‘Waterwalker’?

Fat Elmo

One of my favorite films.

Great sound track. Great paddling.

It’s not an instructional else I’d have included it as well.