canoe vids

Does anyone know of any good solo canoe technique

dvds? We won’t be paddling in the NE for some time at this rate so a good how-to vid along with popcorn and beer seems like the ticket.

De late Bill Mason’s “Path Of The Paddle” DVD is de classic. His daughter Becky Mason’s “Classic Solo Canoeing” is also top-notch for Canadian Style. If yer want some WW canooin’ Kent Ford’s “Solo Playboating” an’ “Drill Time” be very good.

Solo Open Whitewater Canoeing
with Tom Foster.

A couple more

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If you are interested in marathon/sit & switch, "Long Distance Canoe Racing" by Mike and Tanna Fries is worth a look.

Tom McKenzie of Loonworks has a (flatwater)freestyle instructional vid. I'm not quite sure how to get a hold of that but if you hunt around you might find an email address for Tom.

"Drilltime - Solo Playboating II" is another solo whitewater instruction with Kent Ford, Wayne Dickert and Bob Foote, that also has a nice (flatwater) freestyle sequence featuring Karen Knight. Makes my heart go pitter patter!

For pure entertainment my top three are Bill Mason's "Waterwalker", Clives Eye's "We Designed 'Em", and Milt Aiken's "Tales of the Paddlesnake". I belive those are all available from


PS I almost forgot, "The C1 Challenge" by Kent Ford. Yes it's dated but seeing Kent roll his decked canoe with out getting his hair wet is almost worth the $20.

“Open Canoe Roll” dvd
Bob Foote has a DVD out “Open Canoe Roll”