Canoe vs. kayak

Please check out my link to and tell me what you think about canoe vs. kayak

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I think
that there are at least a dozen threads somewhere in that go into further detail about comparing canoes to kayaks than you’ll ever see in that link.


nothing there worth looking at nm

Your link
locked up my computer.

Try posting on e-bay.

or not at all on here nm

I agree…after three seconds all I
got was a page full of a Nokia ad.

If you just posted the article we might think about responding.

But we all get enough ads in our face everyday.

not sure

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I didn't find anything unusual with the link.
Text a bit simplified.

One thing it didn't get into was attitude. There are times I think kayaks just aren't welcome plain and simple.

It shows up here on p-net many a time.

There will be some topic on going and people will jump on with the half the paddle twice the man crap.

Since we own both we just don't get it.

I have both
no way do I want to do Wabakimi in a kayak.

Nor do I much like the plastic kayak spoor left by dragging over the rocks in Algonquin or Temagami.

I paddle both, and when people…
ask which I like best, my answer is when I am in the yak I like that best, and when I am in the canoe I like that best.

Plain and simple, any day on the water in either boat is a joy to behold!

jack L