Canoe vs pool water

Suggestion of pool use for educating newbies sounds good but what about modern canoe build materials and the chems?

Can’t imagine it being an issue
unless you’re spending a massive amount of time in the pool, as in more time than you or anyone else could possibly spare.

As long as you rinse the boat off afterward. I don’t think there should be any chlorine penetration through the plastic (after all, most swimming devices are made of similar materials and they last quite a long time).


Never had a problem
with composite canoes, Royalex canoes, or polyethylene canoes (and kayaks) in a pool.

be concerned for your wetsuit
Rinse it thoroughly immediately after each pool use.

Also, be sure to rinse your boat(s)
BEFORE pool entry. The university in town here very kindly allows us to use their pool every week for this and that’s their only request.

It’ll maybe even do some good.
By helping to kill all the mildew growing in the nooks and crannies.

And it will get mildew off your boat too

No problem
Having worked at a swimming pool for 9 yrs I can tell you that the pool water will not harm you canoe. As someone else stated though I imagine the pool will want you to clean your canoe well before putting it in their nice clean pool.