Canoe weight

I would like to know the weight of a 1995 Mad River Kevlar Guide please. Wood gunnels.

From the 1995 MRC brochure, 43 lbs for Kevlar. I think wood trim adds a little weight.

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1995 Mad River Kevlar Guide

Thanks! I have one too and never could find this.

All of MRC’s composite boats had wood gunwales at that time. Wood trim was an option on Royalex hulls.

Thanks pblanc…I didn’t know that. So, while a1980 (Royalex) Explorer I once owned had wood trim, it was optional. I mistakenly thought wood trim was also optional for the '95 Explorer (Kevlar) that I now have. The misleading factor being that slotted rails (possibly an option back then) were offered standard on the 1995 Explorer’s Special Edition model.

Interesting backstory on that year model Explorer 16 Special Edition, too.

Thanks again.