canoe with motor - maiden voyage report

It was almost a disaster. I tried to launch from a bank that was almost at 30 degree angle and with the wind blowing around 20-25 mph. I almost sunk the canoe and the motor.

Then I pulled the whole rig to a protected cove that had a nice flat launching area. This time around the boat took off nicely. Few lessons learnt -

  1. Watch out for that wind. It don’t care what motor you have, it will blow that canoe around like a paper foil. So I have to figure out how to weigh down the bow so it does not catch as much wind.

  2. It is a very wet ride. Next trip will include a sponge.

  3. Try not to turn with the wind and the waves. You will be prone to flipping over. Try to turn into the wind and the waves.

  4. When landing, do not step out on the shore side where the bulkhead is slippery. The spectators will get a good laugh watching you first slip on the moss and then get pinned by the boat to the bulk head.

  5. Stabilizers are highly recommended. I improvised with a couple of life jackets, pvc pipe and bungee cords. There was tremendous difference in stability and tippiness.

    No pictures this time. I was more busy getting out of the mud or trying to come loose from the bulkhead and the boat.


How big was the motor? I have ofthen though about a trolling motor on a canoe but never got arround to it.

what kind of motor?
I use a 30lb trolling motor in my MR explorer 14 and it works great without stabilizers. I custom built a side mount for it and wired the battery with long enough wire so that I can put it in front. I also always take a 5 gallon bucket which I fill with water to even the wieght. An out board would be a different story.