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Hi, I am experienced with canoe paddling, but now have a health situation that has diminished my strength. I NEED to be out on the water and am looking for advice regarding a lightweight canoe that I can put a motor on for power. I have seen sqare stern canoes for sale but have never tried to paddle one so I don’t know how they would manuever when I can paddle. I need a canoe that can travel well under power in wind and chop, yet hopefully still be able to be paddled when I am in protected areas. There would be two people in the canoe. I considered an electric trolling motor but am concerned about lifting 50 lb batteries. Would a small 4 stroke be too heavy if a side mounted motor is advised? I am having trouble finding lightweight canoes with keels. Is there a specific hull design I should be looking for that offers best tracking with a motor? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you. kathy

If you are looking for a very lightweight canoe with a keel look into these boats. They are aluminum and come in 12, 14 and 16 foot double-ended sizes and are factory-equipped with side-motor mounts that are rated for small outboards as well as oar-locks. The 12 foot is crazy wide, but the longer ones are more streamlined and, I should think, will paddle more like a “regular” canoe than the 12 footer.

Most double end tandem canoes
can handle a small gas motor. For two, I’d go for a 16 or 17 footer with no more than a 3 horse motor. Trolling motors and batteries are heavy, but gas motors aren’t light, especially 4 strokes. Lift one before you commit.

The advantage of an elec trolling motor
You can move the battery around as ballast, so long as you have long enough cords.

Outboard motors are easily as heavy as the batteries. Don’t forget you also need gasoline for the outboards at 8lbs per gallon.

I’d think any of the double ended canoes you like paddling with one of the Old Town trolling motor converter thingies would be the ticket for you.

See “Motor Mount” on this page:

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Hey, I have a Pelican Bayou with a 2.5 Suzuki 4 stroke, 30 lbs motor. Motors great. It is a bear to paddle, but there are other canoes that miight work better for you, but the suzuki motors are great

That sounds neat. I’ll take a look for some of those. Probably exceeds the cost of my entire fleet of canoes and kayaks.

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Thanks for advice
Thanks all for your advice. We are still canoe shopping and it helps to hear your thoughts. Happy fishing to all!