Hi,guys I was just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with the Dagger Reflection 17 canoe. Pros and Cons.


I’m Going to Chime In…
…because you’ll probably not have too many people that have paddled one and I have, albeit; I only paddled one for one day. Mine was DAGGER, not the MAD RIVER version. I’ll use a few other 17’ boats I’m familiar with to compare it to.

It had comfortable primary stability for paddlers with a bit of experience. May feel a little “Wiggly” for new paddlers, but you would get over it soon. Secondary stability was pretty good. Would take some doing to turn it over. Maybe a bit less stability than say, a Mad River Revelation, about the same as a Wenonah Spirit II.

As far as ease of paddling, easier, faster than a Revelation, but something like a royalex Spirit II or Penobscot 17 would be faster and easier to accellerate IMHO.

Load capacity would be less than the Revelation, about the same as the Spirit II. Probably affected a little less by the wind, but not as seaworthy IMHO as the other two.

Not a BAD boat, but not a boat I wanted to spend money on for a royalex tripping boat. I just felt there were better boats, and still do. I tried it alongside a Dagger Venture 17 and Mad River Revelation. Ended up buying a Revelation myself (although, not that one). The Wenonah Spirit II or Bell Northwind would be my pick among those 17’ish boats. BTW, I OWN a Dagger Reflection 15, and love it. Just was not enamored with the 17’. But remember, opinions are like arses, we all have a different one (LOL)!


dagger reflection 17
I’ve had the spirit ii in tuf weave and it didn’t fare to well in the rocks but I liked it other than that.I just have a chance to get the reflection 17 for about 275.00 and thought that it might be worth a try.It looks to be in pretty good condition.

Oh My…

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....I wouldn't pass it up for that price if it's in good shape! Plus, owning a Dagger royalex boat myself, I can vouch for the durability of the layup. I am surprised the tuffweave didn't hold up. The two tuffweave boats I had in the '90's held up well.

dagger reflection 17
I’m surprised more people haven’t paddled the reflection as it looks like a good boat other than could be a little deeper.I do class 1 and some small class 2 and I’m hoping the dagger can handle that although it may be a little wet ride.the Wenonah broke both back ribs in half although the hull itself held up.must have hit a rock just right because I 'thought it would do better too.

dagger reflection 17
Well I picked up the dagger 17 today and did a 5 mile run in Duck river in Tnn.Its a 96 model and it did great.For those who haven’t paddled one your missing it.Ive had the Disco 169,Mohawk intrepid 17,WenonahSpirit ii and Old Town Camper and I would compare it to the Wenonah and Mohawk but closer to the Wenonah.