Canoecopia 2020

Winter’s wearing on. Time to make plans. Planning for Canoecopia is a great pace to start. this is not an ad, just a heads up. Schedule is up online now. Check out the speaker schedule. Always a good time, lots to learn, and plenty of food for thought…

Thanks. Checked it out. A number of very interesting presentations. Drive or fly? Some of our most ferocious Great Lakes snowstorms have arrived in March.

Will contemplate as I watch the snow fall tomorrow.

Kinda-sorta thinking of extending my “long drive…long kayaks” from Florida to Grand Rapids to include Canoecopia before heading back to Florida With my new/used boats. You’re right, quite an impressive list of speakers!

I used to go to Canoecopia when living in the area, and have always checked the website.
I don’t see that Cliff Jacobson is a presenter this year.

I’ll always remember a question asked of him regarding a paddlestroke.
His answer was - you paddle in the direction you want the boat (he was speaking of canoe, but same for kayak) to go.
That’s pretty much worked for me throughout my paddling days, whether it be the forward stroke, draw, pry, rudder, brace, etc-add all of those fancy strokes you can think of here.