Canoecopia 2021

I saw this in yesterday’s newspaper and thought it would be wise to share it with the board. Granted, it is 2020 - a good long while until March 2021 - but people often do travel great distances to attend this and may need to schedule well in advance. So…

I don’t know how to avoid the preliminary questions, sorry…

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It says its going to be a virtual event, right? Travel by Zoom?

Dunno if a vaccine will be widely distributed by March, but they will approve one that is only 50% effective and I suspect that a 50% effective vaccine isn’t going to change much wrt social distancing rules.

That’s pretty cool. I doubt I’d make the drive to Wisconsin to attend the event in person, but will definitely sign up for the online version for the classes and seminars.

I feel so sorry for all the folks that spend time and resources putting on great events only to have them all but disappear. :skull_and_crossbones:

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LOL I do see your point… I was just thinking there might be folks who have to take time from work and who may need to do so well in advance, or perhaps are coordinating Canoecopia with family visits or something… I know of several folks who come up from Texas and other distant places, some almost every year.

Its better to let folks know what’s happening well in advance so plans can be made accordingly. Kudos to the Rutabaga folks for deciding to do so early and getting the word out so soon.

I really do hope that the event doesn’t “all but disappear” as grayhawk suggests. There’s just no substitute for meeting fellow paddlers, designers (David Yost, for example is often there), builders, writers, and so many others in person. The virtual version of the event may turn out to be great in its way, but I don’t see how it can really replace actual in-person gatherings in the long run.

The same with the Quiet Adventures Symposium in East Lansing (Used to be Quiet Waters). The university isn’t making event space available that early. The planners are coordinating with Canoecopia I’ve heard to prevent or reduce overlap.

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“…Canoecopia is going to be virtual. We didn’t feel like it was safe to do it live,” Bush said.”

I think TRAVEL is not a factor in a virtual event.

I’m keeping the positive outlook that Quiet Adventures and Canoecopia will be back in person in 2022. As well as all the symposiums.

In the interim, virtual is better than just giving up.

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Exactly - so anyone who may have already made or are making plans to travel, put in for time off work, for example, or were planning to meet up with family or friends in combination with Canoecopia had better modify those plans. Lots of folks who normally come to the event from far away make such plans far in advance or have routinely worked them into a regular annual schedule they’ve been practicing for years…

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Dang rival, you’re making me want to go to BOTH! Thanks for that link. Looks like a GREAT gathering. And this year we won’t be going to either in person… And the spring Ozark 'vous is by no means certain…

We just gotta’ get past this Covid mess.

BTW, Mighty nice moon out there… brisk and clear night, just like autumn ought to be. Covid or no, its a beautiful world. Check it out if you haven’t yet tonight…

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PJC…good point. They made the decision to go virtual in …well last summer… I found it in early August when I was attempting to make spring plans.

Which brings up a trend that next year is likely to have some Covid modifications too. It is getting difficult to make plans.

Laughing again - You know you’re behind the curve when you find out what’s happening in the local paddling community through the darned newspaper… You were way ahead of me on that if you knew in August.
Just thought it would be a good idea to spread the word far and wide in case others here hadn’t heard. Its a matter of some concern to the community.

…as it should be repeated.


Yeah PJC, QAS/QWS is a great compliment to Canoecopia I expect. I’ve never made it to Madison but I’ve looked at the program and talked with Cliff Jacobson & others about the two shows. QWS was always more relaxed and easy going. We were until recently all volunteer with a focus on individuals & non-profits, using the commercial folks to help pay the bills. We lucked out in 2020 as QAS was February 29th. Covid was “in the air” but we were just joking about elbow bumps. Two weeks later everything shut down.

Right. Repeat and update.

I suppose many here received this in today’s Email, but for those who haven’t, or for those who may not have even heard of Canoecopia (Its a big country…) there’s this update:

You might want to check out the presenters list. As always, its pretty impressive.

It certainly is impressive. I’ve been looking through it for the past few days.

Saw this presentation and thought of the Aging gracefully behind the paddle thread.