Canoecopia presentation

So I submitted a proposal to be a presenter at canoecopia in 2023. I have no idea if my boat(presentation) will actually float there. I guess I’ll find out in December or January. Here’s what I submitted for a description:
"Join Tony Daniel on his paddling quest to explore rivers, lakes, bays, canals, whitewater, swamps, and creeks in all 50 states. His “all good” philosophy applies not only to different paddling environments but also various paddle craft- canoes, kayaks, c1s, etc. A brief video will feature the beauty of the 40 states he’s already completed. This will be followed by a discussion of basic strategies and routines that he uses in different environments. You’ll learn what makes some paddling destinations a “one and done” and what makes other places special and worth revisiting. Tales of “suffering needlessly” and “poor judgment” are bound to creep into the end of his presentation. From rec boating to whitewater you’ll leave knowing ”it’s all good”.

I attended canoecopia last year to collect info about different paddling areas around the country and wanted to up my game a bit this year if I went back. Anybody that knows Chloe or Darren, be sure to put in a good word for me. It’s hard to make yourself go to the frozen waters to talk about paddling when stuff is actually running further south in WV where I live.


I knew Darren quite well several years ago, he helped me unload my moving truck when I moved to the U of W, and was at our house often. I just see his posts on facebook lately. He’s in the middle of having his new building finished before Winter comes big time to Madison. I suspect he might farm out the initial judging of proposals to staff. Canoecopia has really become a huge endeavor over the years. Did the proposal application come with places to link to youtube videos etc. I know when applying for music gigs having a good video package is really important so people get an idea of what you do really quickly.

Good luck with your endeavor, Tony. Sorry I can’t offer any assistance. You pinpointed why I have never attended Canoecopia and probably never will.

Well, When Canoecopia rolls around there may, or may not, be open water on the lakes. It just depends on the year. The Yahara river, to the best of my recollection, has always been open at Canoecopia time. Its not especially scenic but will do for a test paddle. What you can be certain of is that if there’s open water it will be very very cold. Bring a dry suit if you want to paddle it.