It should be mentioned on a board like this - Today is the start of Canoecopia weekend. Its a great place to kick off the paddling season and connect with folks of like interest. Paddlers in and around Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, etc. really should try to make it. (Sorry to be slow in mentioning it. My computer has been down for three weeks now.)
There is a similar show that usually occurs about this time in Michigan as well, though I don’t know the details of that one. Perhaps someone more “in the know” about that one could jump in.

I haven’t been since pre-pandemic, and went then because I needed a PFD and because you can try on almost everything available. While no guarantee that it will fit perfectly under real conditions, it’s the best option I know to compare brands and styles side by side.

Ah yes, The Quiet Adventures Symposium (was the Quiet Water Symposium until ~2019) usually happens the Saturday BEFORE Canoecopia. A one day event that is all volunteer. in 2020 it was one of the last events to happen before the world ended. This year we had Hap Wilson, Cliff Jacobsen, and Kevin Callan (and have had them for many years). A good time. I’ve been involved since the beginning in 1996.

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Hey Pat did you make it to Canoecopia? I took this year off. Maybe next year, save up to buy a new boat and fire up the paddle 50 presentation again when I go. I miss the people though, you and Jon B. and Eric S. and like hanging with the guys at kosir’s and rocky mountain rafts.

Yup, I went. Its been twenty years since I’ve missed one, with the exception of the covid-cancelled year. Having not heard from you prior, I figured you’d not be there, though you were missed.
Marty from KS made it and I ran into old Pnetter Ragamuffin there. Lindsey from River Alliance, who you met on the Kickapoo, was there. It was good to touch base with some of the old folks from the local club who have moved away and others who I haven’t seen recently.

Took in a lot of presentations this time. John Bates gave one of his usual excellent presentations, Marty Koch from the Ozarks presented, Jeff Rohr from the Callie Rohr race presented for the first time, Cliff Jacobson… the list is way too long to enumerate the many presenters here.

The attendance seemed to be quite a bit larger than last year, though, of course I don’t know the actual numbers. Climbing back after the covid setback, I guess. There were several new vendors this year and some (including Pcom - hint hint) who used to be there and weren’t. Things change. Hornbeck, Esquif, NovaCraft were there in force as were the regulars Northstar, Wenonah, NRS, and many others too numerous to mention.

I was actually thinking of our last few outings while at Canoecopia. In light of the times I’ve paddled with you and my newly-acquired penchant for screwing up in the last hundred yards before taking out, I even made a purchase this year - a 54X40 center flotation bag for my tandems. LOL Guess I’ll be spending some time screwing in inch worms in the next few weeks.

Its a good way to kick off a paddling season. Wish you’d been there but, I understand, its quite a haul for you.
Next year… and if you pass this way, as always, let me know. We can wet a paddle.