Canoeing Algonquin Park ON in May???


Some friends are doing a trip on the Petawawa River just outside of the Algonquin Park in Ontario over Labor Day weekend…in about three weeks.

I am planning to go but am concerned about the bugs. I have heard that the bugs can be horrible in the spring.

My friend says that they don’t hatch until the first week in June, but we are cutting it awfully close.

Should we be okay?


Bugs in the park will be bad at the end of May!!! Bring along some deet and a bug screen jacket or at the very least a bug screen hat.

I was paddling on Lake Ontario today ( not even close to any forest)and there were thousands of bugs swarming off of the water and landing all over me.

Good Luck!

Petawawa river ?

Labo(u)r day in Canada is Sept 1. Perhaps you mean Victoria day ? Regardless, the bugs will be out in force 3 weeks from now on Lower Petawawa. You may also want to check on access below Algonquin park. Two sources I have (one is Hap Wilson’s “Rivers of upper Ottawa valley”)say that Petawawa trips must terminate @ McManus lake @ parks E boundary (access #21) to avoid entering Petawawa military reserve just beyond

I meant to say Memorial Day (US) holiday weekend at end of May.

I may try to re-schedule and do in July if bugs are that bad…if I go in July would probably be on Georgian Bay (Byng Inlet)


date is minor issue
but do check to insure if paddlin’ the Pet. below Algonquin boundary is now permissable ??? It wasn’t previously.

Bugs will be less bothersome on windy Georgian bay.

Enjoy !