Canoeing Big Fork River

Hi, I am taking a trip down the Big Fork River,up in northern Minnesota in July. Does anyone have any helpful information about the river or tips on the rapids or how to canoe it?


I paddled it from Dora Lake to the Rainy River in mid-April this spring. Was a very nice trip and I never saw another boat on the water.

I don’t know what the water level is now, it was very low this spring. Deep enough to keep me from dragging but in some of the rapids couldn’t avoid bouncing off a few rocks.

I portaged around Little American and Big Falls, everything else was a cake walk. When you portage Big Falls cross the bridge and put in on the north side of the river, there’s an access.

There’s an outfitter in the town of Big Fork, Bill should be able to answer any questions you might have:

I had him shuttle my vehicle for me. A good guy.